Are all Recovery Companies the Same?

by DRGilly

We think not. From our experience of talking to lots of customers, some of whom have taken their failed drive to another company before contacting Tierra, we’ve found that experiences can vary.

A common complaint is that the price stated at the beginning bears no relation to the price given when the company has your hard disk in their hands. Some people feel the need to go ahead with the work due to tight timescales or just to keep things simple. It takes a degree of courage to take the drive from one company and give it to another, but if the price has become inflated why should you proceed?  Our fixed price policy means you’ll know exactly what the costs involved are right from the beginning. Something worth considering if you are shopping around. Beware of varying and hidden costs.

Dealing With Failed Hard Disks

Some companies don’t have the equipment or the knowledge to perform all the elements of rescuing files from broken equipment. Though they may be able to use software, they will not be experts in platter swaps and read/write head transplants. It’s worth asking about their experience before releasing your precious but defective hard disk to them.

What Are My Chances?

We are often asked “what are the chances of success”? The only honest answer to this question is it depends on what has happened to your drive. Some companies quote very impressive, but completely erroneous percentages. If your drive is has no internal damage it is more likely to be recoverable that one that has significant damage.  Just like a car that’s had a bash or one that’s a write off. We currently collect for free and analyse for a  modest fee meaning you can find out exactly what is recoverable (with a complete list of files and folders plus screenshots demonstrating the successful rescue) before you pay.

“I had a business critical laptop hard drive fail on me recently and after some initial investigations, and horror reports on financial implications, from other companies I contacted Tierra without feeling too confident of the outcome. I should not have been so worried. From day one I was informed at very least, some partial should be possible and I was given a detailed outline of the costs involved. It turned out to be a particularly tricky process however they stuck with the task and true to their word they managed all data, at the quoted price. I have no hesitation in recommending their professional, efficient and friendly services to others.” John Davidson, Partner, Roseparks, Loanhead

So whether you have problems with an internal, external or laptop disk you’ll find all companies are not the same.

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deepak MISHRA July 18, 2012 at 8:35 pm

i have a platter of external hardisk
i want to get data from that
help me

PlatterSwapper August 30, 2012 at 9:51 am

Hi Deepak, we communicated elsewhere on this, but to be clear, we do not accept bare platters that have been removed from the original hard drive. The risk of ancillary damage to the platter surface (preventing recovery) is too high.

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