Emergency Service Data Recovery

In urgent situations when critical files are lost call and ask for Tierra’s Emergency Service. This is for the most urgent data loss situations.  Calls will be answered by a Tierra Consultant 24/7.

Round The Clock Emergency Recovery

Your Emergency Data Recovery will be given top priority; our experienced engineers will work round the clock, through weekends and holidays to complete both the initial analysis and the data recovery itself.

All work is conducted in-house and not by third parties. Your crashed hard drive or other media will not leave our site until we are finished. We are the experts in rescuing important files from hard disks which are inaccessible by normal means.

We will discuss with you the fastest way to get your hard drives to us and set up lines of communication for any dialogue necessary to progress the rescue.

We request a 24-hour contact number for a member of staff familiar with the lost folder structures and the nature of the files.

Our Emergency Service is exactly what it sounds like – we treat them with top priority, with engineers rescheduled into multiple teams working through the night.

This premium option is not suitable for everybody, but there are situations where it becomes the appropriate response, particularly when you face hard deadlines for your trapped files and folders.

Emergency Analysis

Once your Emergency Analysis is complete it will be sent to you by email (day or night) to demonstrate the results to you and allow you to confirm your critical files are safe and sound.

You will also receive a text message confirming the analysis email has been sent.

Full payment is only made once you are sure your critical data is safe.

Once the rescue is complete your files will be securely delivered to you as quickly as possible.

If necessary, critical files can be encrypted and emailed or made available for secure download.

Call 0800 999 4447 now to get started with your emergency recovery.