Hard Drive folder Not Accessible “The Parameter is Incorrect”

by admin

It is not a message you want to see when you connect an external hard drive to a Windows PC or an Apple Mac. This message indicates that the operating system has found a drive with bad sectors or some other intermittent problem. This is usually caused by hard drive problems.

This will mean the data is inaccessible when connected to any computer, however there are times when a hard drive is recognised by a computer but the file format has changed to “RAW” instead of the NTFS or HFS file format that it originally was.

It is tempting to run chkdsk on the hard drive if any bad sectors are found, but chkdsk will try to repair that bad sector and if any data is stored in that bad sector it may well be lost. So although the repair has been successful the data has still gone and can cause further corruption.

The best way is to send the hard drive to us at R3 Data Recovery. We can image the drive using our data recovery machines, copy the data from the bad sectors and recover all of the data from the hard drive. It’s a procedure we do many times daily.

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