How Do You Recover Deleted Photos From A Memory Card For Free?

by admin

There are some free pieces of software that are on the market which claim that it will recover all of your deleted data. However, to enable the software to recover all the data that you have deleted, you have to make sure that you have not written any more data to the device since the deletion of the data that you are seeking. If you have written new data to the device since the deletion then the chances of the data being recoverable are a lot slimmer.

Even if no data was written to the device, the ‘free’ data recovery software isn’t always going to be free. Once the software has scanned the device and has found some data it will show you the data that it has recovered and possibly some thumbnails, however when you go to copy the data it will either only copy files under 32KB in size or it wont copy and files at all, this is because you have to pay for a license for the software so that you are able to recover all the files and not just ones within certain sizes.

So, it is possible to recover some files of your device but possible not all of them, and then even after paying for the software the software may not have recovered the files that you were after. The best option you have if you desperately want the files that are on the storage device is to get in contact with a professional data recovery company like us here at R3.

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