How Do You Transfer Data From One Hard Drive To Another?

by admin

Transferring data from hard drive to hard drive is fairly straight forward, especially if both drives are fully functioning. All you would need to do is hook up an external drive to your machine and drag and drop the files onto the system drive (if that’s where you want to save the files).

From a Data recovery perspective, we want to get the copying process done and dusted as quickly as possible, and if we were to transfer the data by windows (drag and drop) then it would take twice as long to copy the data. If a drive is in a relatively poor state then we wouldn’t use windows to transfer the data, we would have to use a piece of data recovery software that we use for transferring data. Keep in mind that if the drive is in a poor state, then not all the data that is transferred will be usable, there may be a fair amount of corruption present.

Some data recovery software’s are better than others at transferring data from Apple MAC devices, so for us it is a matter of trying and testing which software is quicker, this then helps us determine which software is more useful for next time we have to copy data.

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