IBM Data Recovery

IBM’s interests in hard drive production were taken over a long time ago by Hitachi but it is a tribute to the quality of their drives that there are still so many out there. We regularly see such drives in the lab and recovery rates are excellent despite the advanced age of the patients.

Surprisingly enough given all of the technological advances that been made in the world of data storage, the problems that afflict the old IBM drives are mostly the same as those experienced by more recent models.

As ever, top amongst these is “bad sectors”. An affliction that will eventually kill all hard drives (assuming that they last long enough). This is caused by the aging of the chemical coating on the platters inside the drive. This coating holds your data in millions of sectors.  With age, the coating loses the ability to hold an electrical charge and thus the contents of the affected sector become unreadable. The loss of a sector may result in no noticeable effect, the loss of access to just one file or to a complete inability of the drive to boot-up, depending upon exactly which sector has been lost. The critical point is that the rest of the drive’s storage area will not be far behind and so acting quickly is the key to recovering your vital files. As you would imagine, we at Tierra deal with precisely this scenario every day, we have in-house designed equipment which can clone the contents of the failing drive to a healthy one, working around each failed sector. Once this process has been completed we have your data on a healthy drive which can then be scanned and your critical data extracted.

Just as with other hard drive makers, IBM is subject to the usual gamut of physical failures. Failed read /write heads for example where the typical symptom would be a drive which spins-up when power is applied but which then makes repeated clicking noises.

It may be that your drive does not spin-up at all when power is connected. This can be as a result of component failure on the printed circuit board, alternatively it may have a mechanical cause such as the seizure of the motor which spins the platters inside the drive.

Whatever the symptoms, Tierra can help.

The most important step is the accurate diagnosis of the problem. Once this has been established the chances of recovery are excellent as there are only a few insurmountable problems in hard drive data recovery.

How Do I Get My Recovery Underway?

In the first instance either call us on 0845 094 0027 or use the contact form at the top of this page.

We will arrange for a courier to collect the hard drive at your earliest convenience free of charge.

The price for our lab analysis is £32.50 ex-VAT (£39.00 inc VAT), this will be deducted from the data recovery charge for a successful outcome. We aim to email the analysis results to you within 2 working days of receiving the defective drive. We also offer an Emergency Service where the need for the lost files is urgent and immediate.

Your recovered data will be returned to you on media stick / DVD or external hard drive depending upon how much data is involved.

Why not ask us for an email quotation covering all possible recovery scenarios for your failed hard drive?

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