Is There Still Hope?

Yes, we can rescue data from surprisingly extreme situations. Tierra has an outstanding record of recovering data from every make and model of hard drive.  That is why the NHS, universities and oil companies, as well as small businesses and home users come to us.   We understand the value of your data, whether it is lost accounts or photographs of your children.  Every drive is analysed by an experienced Data Recovery Engineer.   There are some scenarios (e.g. platter damage – data has turned to powder) where no recovery company, even Tierra, can recover data.  Thankfully this is fairly unusual.

Tierra is expert in the very latest techniques and often recover from drives that have been sent to other data recovery companies first.  We are proud to say that to date, to our knowledge, all hard drives where it has not been possible for Tierra to recover data, have not been recovered by any other data recovery company.

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