Expert File Recovery From Failed Hard Disks

Bear in mind that even FTSE-100 companies tend not to have recovery experts in their I.T. Support teams. We are the experts in rescuing files from malfunctioning hard disks. Your I.T. team’s task should be to establish that the data cannot be retrieved by trivial means and to perform this without endangering the data. They must endeavour not to do anything that will cause write operations to the drive. If you are in any doubts, ask them to call us on 0845 094 0027 and we can discuss things engineer-to-engineer.

Tierra digs deeper than your IT provider!

We are specialists in recovering your data. Your IT provider will have a generalist knowledge, but we go much further and deeper – recovering files and folders from hard drives declared “dead” or “unrecoverable”. Take a closer look and see why you should use our specialist rescue services once your IT provider has gone as far as they can.

Tierra vs IT Provider
Focused Expertise
We rescue files from hard disks with physical faults. This focus, combined with years of experience and research makes us experts in the field. Whatever your drive’s problem, we’re likely to have seen it before and to have been successful.
Yes No
Significant investment in hard drive manufacturer-level equipment means that we have access to tools that your IT provider or IT department do not. But it’s not just the tools – we know how to use them, efficiently and effectively to recover your files and documents.
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Professional Analysis
We understand you don’t want to become an expert in storage architecture and file systems, but you DO want to be able to make informed decisions about your failed hard disk. Our recovery analysis gives you the transparency you need – accurate diagnosis and a fixed price for the subsequent recovery.
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No data no fee
If we cannot recover your data, you don’t pay for the recovery. You don’t pay for anything you have not agreed to in advance.
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All work done in-house
We perform all work in our own facilities. We are not an agent for other companies, there are no delays waiting for sub-contractors – we do all the work, mechanical, logical, internal, firmware – right here, right now.
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Cleanroom environment
We deal with the most difficult retrieval jobs. These often require internal mechanical work. We perform internal procedures in environmental cleanroom conditions to minimise the effects of airborne contaminants affecting recovery work. If your IT provider offers to open your hard drive without such an environment, your data is at severe risk and you should change IT providers.
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“Tierra has a definite advantage over IT providers. Our equipment, engineers and facilities are utterly focused on retrieving files. It’s like when your better half has chronic toothache at 3 in the morning – you don’t phone a friend with an interest in teeth, you don’t wait to make an appointment with your G.P. – you desperately look for a specialist emergency dentist right NOW. In the world of pain that is losing your data to a failed drive – Tierra are the specialists. And, yes, we can help you right NOW.”

Get started now with collection from your door and professional recovery analysis!

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