Can’t Access Your Baby Photos?

by DRGilly

Some things just can’t be replaced. From the early days (and even longer nights) to the first steps and birthday parties, you’ve documented almost every sneeze of your child’s life in photographs.

Photographs are some of the most important documents we keep as parents. Lost photos can mean a huge amount of upset for all the family, while having them rescued can avert a family crisis.

In the old days we had photos we could touch and feel, but with so many of us storing all our photographs on both internal and external hard drives a lack of adequate back up means it’s all too easy to lose these precious memories.

What Are Your Most Critical Computer Files?

The most common answer to this question is “my lost baby photos”. It turns out some things, like wanting to keep a record of your children’s lives, are universal.

Our experience has been that most home users lose the will to back up their computer as soon as children arrive. That is totally understandable, but a little bit of organisation early on can save subsequent guilt and even grief. We generally approve of online back-up services, which tend to start cheap, but watch out for those that charge by the amount saved.

If you are not careful with how you configure this, you can end up backing up hundreds of gigabytes of music files, BBC iPlayer temporary files, your operating system and so on.

Most families accumulate thousands of digital pictures very quickly.

While it’s a sure bet that most of these will only be of interest to close relations, losing the entire set can be emotionally devastating.

At Tierra as well as giving a fixed price for the retrieval at the beginning we provide free collection with analysis at £32.50+VAT allowing to you to see that your photographs can be salvaged before proceeding.

For all recoveries of photographs we aim to provide sample thumbnails to verify the quality of the rescue effort.

When it comes to baby photos you want to be sure you’ve still got the first steps, the first birthday party and even that first sneeze. Give us a call on 0845 094 0027 and see if we can help.

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