Recovering Data From A Severely Damaged Hard Drive

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Hard drives can get damaged by a number of ways, it’s extracting and recovering the data from said damaged hard drives that is the minor difficulty. If a hard drive has been dropped, then normally (if not powered up again) we would swap the original heads with heads from another drive which is identical or similarly matched, and then the cloning process would normally be straight forward.

Problems arise when drives have been sent to companies prior to arriving with us, once the drives have been messed with then it makes it harder and harder to recover the data.

When we look inside the drives, some damage can be greater than others and we can then determine if it’s possible to recover the data or not. For example, if a drive has rings under microscope and has a few scratches on the top platter, then it is definitely possible to recover the majority if not all of the data (even if some of the data is damaged), whereas if you are in a situation where you open the drive and there is glitter in the chassis or dust everywhere inside, then it’s possible that it will end up being a non-recovery due to a mass amount of contamination.

Cloning a drive that has so much debris inside can be incredibly time consuming, this is because you have to keep an eye on the drive at all times just in case the heads can’t handle the amount of debris inside the drive and fail completely, it’s like it’s on a life support machine.

Also, the engineers have to control how fast the drive has to be cloned, this is because if the drive is cloning at full speed then it’s more likely that the heads will fail because the heads are put under more strain.

To conclude, when we try and recover data from a damaged hard drive, it all depends on how badly damaged the drive is inside which makes us determine whether or not the drive has a chance of being recovered, but normally we will be able to recover at least a considerable amount of data if the drive is damaged.

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