Get Your Data from a Failed Samsung

Samsung have long held a position of respect both as a manufacturer of good quality hard drives and as a company which provided a notably high quality of service support. Samsung’s hard drive manufacturing interests are now a part of Seagate but their branded drives will be around for years to come.

However good your hard drive may be, ultimately nothing is 100% reliable and regardless or which brand of drive you have used when something goes wrong it can be disastrous.

In the first instance you need to choose a recovery service which can reliably determine what has failed. If this isn’t done  then the necessary remedial work cannot be undertaken. For example a drive that makes repeated clicking noises on power-up may have suffered from failed read/write heads, but the exact same symptoms can result from a corruption of the drive’s own start-up code. In the latter case replacing the heads will not help get your data back, an accurate diagnosis must be the first step.

If your hard drive shows no sign of life when power is applied then there may be electrical problems with the printed circuit board or it may be that the motor which should spin the platters inside the drive has become seized (this is especially common after a drive has suffered a physical shock such as having been dropped). Again, an expert analysis is required to ensure that the correct action to recover the data is taken.

Perhaps the single most common cause of hard drive failure is bad sectors. Each hard drive is split into millions of sectors, the typical sector will hold 512 bytes of data. Over time a drive will eventually start to develop unreadable (or bad) sectors. This should of course not happen for many years after the purchase date but it will routinely happen much more quickly. The exact symptoms which will be displayed as sectors become bad will depend upon exactly what information was in the sectors that are lost. You may not even notice that it has happened, but once this degradation has started the number of bad sectors will typically quickly avalanche. Sooner or later a sector containing information vital for the drive to boot will be hit and access to the drive will be lost (this may result in the blue screen of death for PC users or becoming stuck at the grey screen with the sundial for Mac users). A drive in this precarious state must be cloned before more bad sectors develop this requires specialist equipment with the capacity to work around the unreadable sectors.

Whatever the symptoms being displayed by your hard drive, Tierra can help. We have the specialist equipment and personnel with the experience to use it to help you get your critical files back.

Tierra’s Recovery Procedure

We will arrange for a free courier collection as soon as possible.

We charge £32.50 ex-VAT (£39.00 including VAT) for the lab analysis, this fee will be deducted from the recovery price for a successful recovery. The analysis will determine what can be recovered and will typically take around 2 working days. If the clock is against you, ask about our Emergency Service.

Once you have the results of the analysis you can then decide how you wish to progress.

Your data will be returned to you on DVD, memory stick or on an external hard drive, the particular method will of course depend upon the quantity of data involved.

The First Step to Recovery

Give us a  call on 0845 094 0027 or fill out the “Contact Us Now” box on this page. We will then discuss your needs and provide you with a comprehensive written quote covering every possible eventuality.

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