“When you have a server that crashes, taking both drives out and the backup is also corrupt, you begin to think the world could be coming to an end. After speaking to a number of companies, I found Tierra to be clear, concise, straight forward, friendly, extremely professional, competent and highly knowledgeable. They explained what the worst case scenario and best case scenario could be, and the possible timescales and costs involved.

They collected the discs at their cost, analysed on an emergency basis (24/7) and advised as soon as they had results (Sunday afternoon). After finding a small amount of corrupt files, the vast majority was recovered, copied to a new drive and couriered back to me on a next day AM delivery. Fully encrypted with password protection with full instructions.

I couldn’t have wished for a better result, Tierra have been an absolute godsend and I would highly recommend them to anyone who has any issue of this nature.”

Callum Donez, North East Lincolnshire
"Meant to say, all received. Great job. Many thanks"

Dan Lancaster, Nottinghamshire
"Following a mug of tea emptied over the keyboard, the laptop restarted in the sense it lit up , but would not kick in. (You will see I am very IT literate!). A faulty drive was the original diagnosis. Next question, how was my back up? I ended up at Tierra to save the day. The service was quick, was as promised with all explanations easy to follow and understand and more importantly 100% successful. Well done, I have already passed your name on to all the tea drinkers I know."

Ross Lindsay, Cumbernauld
"I dropped my external and had it confirmed as terminal by a computer repair shop. On contacting Tierra I was immediately put at ease even though it was "we will try to recover your photos" The service and communication was superb and the result was astounding. They recovered 100% of my files. No fuss no extra surprises, you pay they deliver. Many thanks to the Tierra Team"

Ron Hastie, Edinburgh
“Everything has arrived safely. I am so impressed with your company’s whole approach to things – simple, calm and effective. It has felt so positive to deal with a company that clearly knows exactly what it is doing, delivers exactly what it promises and does so without any fuss, just excellent service.”

Howard Wilson, Bristol
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