File Recovery from Failed WD Drives

Contact us for help with WD HDDsWe deal with a huge number of Western Digital hard drives, not because they are any less reliable than other brands but simply because they are sold in such vast numbers.

The tables below show some of the Western Digital disks we can rescue data from. We specialise in physical issues – problems that involve hardware failure such as clicking or bad sectors, preventing your computer from accessing data or recognising your hard disk.

You may feel that any data loss problem can be resolved with software – this is simply not true. A hard disk is a delicate balance of electromechanical components and parts spinning thirty times faster than the rotors of a helicopter. If your computer fails to access your data storage, it’s a hardware issue that cannot be bridged with software. You need the help of a professional company with a proven track record of success is rescuing files when your IT support has given up hope.

If your model is not in the lists, don’t worry, it may be labelled differently to the internal product number and we can still help.

Reach us using the Contact Form, or email us at [email protected] or call now on 0845 094 0027 or 0131 663 4137.

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Recoverable Western Digital Drives

Internal Western Digitals

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