Western Digital WD400BBDTL Data Recovery

We perform hard drive recovery for the Western Digital Caviar 40 GB EIDE Internal Hard Drive ( WD400BBDTL ). You can see our up-to-date data recovery price on our home page.

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Western Digital WD400BBDTL

Issues Specific to Western Digital WD400BBDTL

There are no data recovery issues unique to Western Digital WD400BBDTL, but check below for problems unique to Western Digital and issues that can appear on all mechanical hard drives. Users rated this hard drive at 4 marks out of 5.

Typical Western Digital Hard Drive Issues

Western Digital have shipped a vast volume of hard drives, which are typically extremely reliable. Inevitably hard drives will fail at some point, whether by wear and tear, accidental damage, or some systematic problem caused by unique or family-wide errors in firmware or hard drive assembly.

Western Digital drives generally fail due to issues common to all hard drives:

Issues Common to All Hard Drives

All hard drives with spinningplatters are prone to the following problems:

  • distorted read-heads
  • weak or bad sectors
  • platter-damage
  • bearing failure
  • PCB component burn-out
  • firmware wiped
  • component failure from overheating

About Western Digital

Western Digital Corporation (often abbreviated to WD) is the world’s second largest hard disk drive manufacturer, after Seagate. It has a long history in the electronics industry as an integrated circuit maker and thenas a storage products company. Western Digital was founded on April 23 1970 by Alvin B. Phillips. You can visit Western Digital’s support and warranty page here, but be warned: their warranty does not include data recovery.

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