What Hard Drive Manufacturer Should You Buy For Data Storage?

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When choosing what hard drive manufacturer to go with, you always need to be aware that at some point that hard drive will fail, whether it fails within 3 months or 20 years, hard drives eventually fail, but it’s knowing which ones are the most durable and reliable.

At R3, the type of drive that comes in the most that has failed in some way is a Seagate drive, specifically 3.5” Seagate barracuda’s. The common fault with these Seagate’s is that the heads can fail easily inside the drive when dropped due to how fragile they are inside (even though Seagate’s don’t necessarily appear fragile on the outside). A lot of Western Digital drives also get sent in to us, although normally the main fault with those drives are that they can become degraded over time (They also have certain firmware issues as well).

Luckily for us though, from a Data recovery point of view, if a Seagate does have a mechanical fault then we are guaranteed to have/source matching donor drives to speed the recovery process along.

The more common external drives that are used for data transfer and storage are Maxtor 1TBs and 2TBs.

The Western digital My Passport external drives are also common external drives that clients use, the encryption is actually much easier to use than the Maxtor’s, although the WDs are more expensive.

You can also invest in a Toshiba external hard drive as these are also fairly reliable, although they do not have encryption, so protection wise they are not good in that respect, it’s the same with Freecom drives.

To conclude, there are many options that you can choose from regarding data storage, there are drives out there that are affordable and cheap in price but are also reliable.

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