What Should I Expect From A Professional Data Recovery Company?

by PlatterSwapper

So you’ve lost access to your critical data and now face the problem of which data recovery company to trust with your hard drive recovery.

There are a confusing number and variety of data recovery companies out there – many of whom are only acting as agents for others and have no in-house data recovery specialists.

Others may simply have an IT guy with a set of recovery software. This is fine if you have only accidentally deleted files and the drive itself is physically operational.

But you could be saying sayonara to your data if they run that software on a drive with physical problems. This is why you should trust your drive to data recovery experts. Ask any data recovery company what the biggest single cause of data being proved ultimately unrecoverable and you can be sure the answer will be:-

“the careless first attempted recovery steps by the user or a friend in IT transformed an unstable hard drive into an unrecoverable one.”

What to Look for First in a Data Recovery Company:

  • Work done in-house (this means they have the expertise and you are not paying any unnecessary mark-up).
  • Free analysis. Any reputable recovery company will examine a hard drive and let you know what can be recovered from it (or at least what the final best and worst case costs will be to make the recovery attempt) without charging you.
  • No recovery – no fee. For most professional data recovery organisations this is a badge of honour- they take pride in knowing that if the data is recoverable then they will recover it (and only then get paid).

OK, so we’ve covered the basic points to look for, but here are few more in-depth points to consider:

How will the data recovery company prove to you that your data has been recovered before taking your money?

Some companies simply provide a file listing, but bear in mind that it is possible to recover a file table (which will provide a full file listing) without recovering any of the data. Make sure that they do 2 things:

  1. Provide sample screenshots of the data itself (contact sheets for photographs and snapshots of documents)- see an example below.
  2. Allow you to ask to see proof of uncorrupted data recovery from any other directories that you may consider critical but that haven’t been included in the selection of sample screenshots provided.
Tierra Data Recovery company example contact sheet

An example of a contact sheet showing the name size and date of each photograph

Tierra Data Recovery File Preview Example

An example of a screenshot demonstrating document recovery


  • Will they demonstrate that your Outlook files have been recovered uncorrupted?
  • Will they allow you to send in your own external hard drive on which to return the data or do they insist you buy theirs – a hidden extra?
  • Will they keep a back-up of your data for long enough for you to establish that your data has been returned to you satisfactorily?
  • Will they encrypt the data that they are returning to you? Imagine if the recovered data was lost in transit – you need to be sure that only you have access to it. Encryption ensures that if someone intercepts the data they cannot view it or decode it. Make sure that your data recovery company provides this service and doesn’t slip in an extra charge for it.

At Tierra Data Recovery we do all of this, just as you’d expect.

You can see our pricing and contact form here, you can email us or simply call us now local-rate from anywhere in the UK on 0845 094 0027. If you are calling from a mobile, you can use your inclusive minutes to call us on 0131 663 4137. Call us and you’ll agree we are the data recovery company for you.

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