What will Data Recovery cost me?

With a Fixed Hard Drive Data Recovery Price you can answer the question “what will data recovery cost me?” before we even begin.  Our sales team will provide you with an outline of all costs so you can make an informed decision. Once the analysis of your drive has been completed in our clean room, you will be contacted if the lab assessment is anyway different from your original quote. Once we have completed the recovery we will sent an email demonstrating your recovered data to you, so you can be sure we have rescued your critical data before making payment.

Fixed Hard Drive Data Recovery Pricing

Collection from your door is FREE.  Data Recovery Analysis of your hard drive is also free!

The best way for us to provide you with a price is to contact us! The reason is simple. Our team of experts will do their best to assess the problem with your drive and also provide you with the best advice to help provide the best chance of a successful recovery. Our hard drive recovery prices start from £279.00 + VAT and will depend on what type of problem your drive has. To get advice and a FREE quote please go to ‘Contact Us’ or call us on 0800 999 4447.

In a minority of cases it may be necessary to purchase parts.  If this is the case we will advise you of the requirement for parts once the analysis is complete.  We do not purchase parts without your approval.

Remember your your data has to go onto something. You can either supply an external hard drive to us (please ensure it is empty) or purchase one from us.

Return shipping is charged at £15.00 ex VAT.

To secure a fixed hard drive data recovery price call us NOW on 0800 999 4447 and book your FREE courier collection today.